2017 Submissions

DJ-M - Infectious (Last of 2015) Dance Song
DJ-Mellon - Infectious (WIP) House Song
Alan Walker - Fade (RMX) House Song
Alan walker - Faded (RMX) Teaser House Song
DJ-M - interpiditate (Teaser) House Song
Winter breeze [Inst.] (Release In 12/27) House Song
Remix Track Dance Song
Progressive House (WIP) House Song
EnV-Stairways (RMX WIP) House Song
DJ-M - Adrenalin (preview) House Song
DJ-M - Dopamine (WIP) Dubstep Song
DJ-M - Endorphin (Original Mix) House Song
DJ-M - Endorphin (Wip) Dance Song
RMX (teaser) Dance Song
WiP Dance Song
This Isn't Science Rocket (RMX Preview) Dance Song
DJ-M - Sorrow Solo Instrument Song
DJ-M - Tokyo Sunset Trance Song
Myosotis (RMX,WIP) Dubstep Song
DJ-M - Riser Dance Song
DJ-M - My Story Trance Song
DJ-M - NightFall House Song
Exploring in the Music (Game Ost) Dance Song
Jumping in the Sky Dance Song
Pratice Techno Song
EnV - Paladin (RMX) Trance Song
Rebirth (Teaser) Dance Song
Stereo Madness (Mellon_MIX) Dance Song
Reminiscent Hip Hop - Modern Song
Memories of Rain Hip Hop - Modern Song
DJ-M - Whatever! (Teaser) Dance Song
DJ-M - Fallen (WIP) Trance Song
No name (WIP) Classical Song
DJ-M&FtapeR - Destiny (RM) Dance Song
DJ-M Ah_Ri_Rang (RMX) Dance Song
DJ-M - Ah_ri_Rang (RMX,WIP) Dance Song
EnV - Enn (RMX) Dance Song
EnV - Enn (RMX,Wip) Dance Song
DJ-Mellon - Positive (Teaser) Dance Song
DJ-M - illusion Trance Song
DJ-M Green Field 2 Dance Song
DJ-M Green Field 2 (teaser) Dance Song
EnV - Vee (RMX) Dance Song
EnV - Vee (RMX,WIP) Dance Song
DJ-M&NextCore - Trust me Dance Song
DJ-Mellon - Highway Dance Song
DJ-Mellon (Name for me) Dance Song
Valetin - A Little story (RM) Classical Song
DJ-Mellon - Rainforest Trance Song
DJ-Mellon - Shiny (Full) Trance Song
DJ-M - Shiny (Wip) Trance Song
DJ-Mellon - Night Trance Song
DJ-Mellon - Lucid Sky Trance Song
DJ-Mellon - For you Classical Song
DJ-Mellon Clockwork Trance Song
DJ-M Nagative Trance Song
DJ-M&FtapeR - Destiny Trance Song
DJ-Mellon Floating Forest Techno Song
DJ-M Dreamy Trance Song
DJ-nate High volume (RMX) Techno Song
DJ-M positve Wisdom Techno Song
DJ-M Forgot Trance Song
DJ-M X-mas Techno Song
DJ-Mellon Someday Techno Song
DJ-M Green Field Trance Song
DJ-M Power Brakes Techno Song
The Techno Town Techno Song
DJ-M pollution Trance Song